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Thursday, 19-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
1st ASEAN Congress of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine

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cewah..thg present paper
me at MSPTM 04
prof tgh dengar kami present kat room hotel dari akademi seni negara
prof abu n student2 dia yg 'rajin2'
ini adalah sebahagian dari catatan dr weblog aku yg aku semasa aku gi conference on march arituh.

For the past few months, I don’t think this was real. Being involved in grand conference, is ASEAN conference babeh! Now I'm at The Grand Seasons Hotel (opposite IMR), KL attending conference organize by IMR. The room Grand Seasons Hotel (opposite IMR), KL attending conference organize by IMR. The room is okie for me (4 stars hotel ), but to get connected with internet, I have to go down to the 1st level in this hotel *malas, kena pakai tudung*. Alone rite now, my colleque didn’t arrived yet.
The opening ceremony starts officially tomorrow. Raja Dr Nazrin Shah from Perak will lauch this conference. Si hensem yg masih bujang tue… tonite, my colleque… 6 of them (including me) sure kena basuh ngan prof punya. Last week… my daddy a.k.a Prof Abu Hassan went to Indonesia *tak tau pasal apa* definitely not about militan movement.. He an entomologist for god sake..hehe… so, he didn’t listen or comment yet about our presentation for this conference. I cant imagine myself deliver speech in english…maybe some say I got talent in 'talking'..but I am a 'melayu debater' not English presenter. My past ,present and future tense semua berterabur…lazy me..didnt want to improve myself..i'm 23 years old and I still cant beat my sisters english language.

23th March 2003

Its officially now. I just knew that Raja Nazrin gets his ‘Dr’ from Harvard University. Almost 300 delegates from 27 countries envolved in this seminar. *wow*. I thought only ASEAN countries participate in this seminar. IMR also invited speakers from US, Australia, Arabic Countries, French...and the list goes on. Just imagine the people who writes journal that I read everyday for my thesis is in front of me now. Only USM sends students to present their project paper. Only 15 of us the chairperson will address as Miss/Mr. Yang lain, “Now, I would like to call upon Prof / Dr from bla..bla..bla” 15 symposium to attend, to listen, to get extra knowledge and to know the latest view in scientific world. 24 hours to go. My talk will be on 24th march:symposium 7:speaker no. 9: 1235-1245. Its not only butterfly in my stomach but it’s a huge elephant staying there. *panic*gabra*. 10 minutes of sweat and hell.
Nite. Cocktail party. ???. didn't know what is cocktail party actually. Tau nak datang makan sahaja. When we arrive at the O’las cafĂ©. No table at all. Adalah seketul dua untuk letak plates and glasses. Maka bertambahlah dosa aku pada harituh makan berdiri.They also served beer...hahhaha...interesting. So, this is cocktail party. Actually the purpose is to mingle around not totally to dine and eat. As usual, this group of USM Msc/Bsc student still eating together afraid to meet people. Kami macam org kerdil. Everybody is org besar2. tak sesuai!!!!! Tapi balik dengan perut kenyang

24th March 2003

It’s the moment of truth. I not afraid presenting in front of ordinary people. But the people attending and will listens to my talk are the people who writes hundreds of scientific journal, got hundred thousands of research grant and expert this particular field. Imagine if they asked me questions that I cant answer (or even I cant understand the question they asked me!). The Grandballroom is big enough for 200 people or more. Today. Urban vectors symposium in Grandballroom while Parasitology in Crystal room (smaller room). Tea break (1030-1100) *done*. Semua org kenyang but not me. I cant hardly drink a sip of plain water. Symposium 7 will begin anytime. Arghhhh… sesak nafas. Tup...tup..tup… and It’s my turn! Ok. “Relax and just read you text yan!” Dengan nama Allah aku bermula… sedar-sedar dpt applause dari audience . Habis. Lega. Although my talk takes only 7 minutes, tapi takder questions dilemparkan. Lagi Lega. Everybody is hungry, they just wanted to get their butt off from the hall. Best. My frens said adzliyana present mcm newscaster!!!! Hahaha. Funny…
Grand dinner. Suppose to be fun. Suppose. But an incident happen that evening before dinner. One of the gals (junior Bsc.), kena snatch depan IMR. Ragut dan Lari. Damn all this mat pit, mat ganja and mat race motor. Hmmm… what to do? Only make a police report to make it official. Money, personal stuff, handphone...gone. Ok, back to the grand dinner story. 8 courses of Chinese cuisine. I only eat 2 courses. One is the appetizer and the other one is the dessert. *yuck*. From scale 0-10, that nite dinner is 1/2! Teruk!...

25th March 2004

Last day. Check out after lunch. Got another symposium after lunch but all of us malas nak pergi. Days gone by. Tak terasa. Nikmat hidup. First time attending conference is really a stepping stone for me.

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