You miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take

By: bugbites and co

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Wednesday, 24-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
flash back

masa matrik di KMK,kedah
1st year
2nd year
3rd year..yey..graduation day!
masa wat masters
this week usm pack and jam balik after 2nd semester officially starts again. student makin ramai,aku rasa sgt annoyed ngan org. rasa nak bagi back hand ja, takda give and take,takda respect to senior citizen (aku ler tuh)...
teringat zaman undegrad,zaman kena amik result sebesar surat khabar,jumpa academic advisor,then beratuq panjang tuk online subjects for that particular semester. and one person yg sentiasa ada ngan aku dr a-z ialah my sista cik que. from matrik kat kulim kami sama-sama classmate then pindah usm penang,satu skol bio. 2nd year mendecidekan diri untuk sama2 amik vector parasite as our majoring. 3rd year bertekad tuk buat final year project ngan prof abu hassan. everything kami lalui bersama..beside personal stuff yg aku ngan cik que ja tau..hehehe. secret maaa...

ada jugak kami hilang akal nak x-10 sesama,lepas tuh ler tergrad on time ler plak. right now,aku still berjuang mengadap prof abu hassan terchinta but cik que sambung master kat usm kelantan. buat pasal cancer plak. hebat kawan aku sorang nih..hehehe. terer tahap gaban..

hopefully kami akan graduate masters sesama..ek..ek..

Til' the end I will be with you,
We will go where our dreams come true,
All the times that we have been through,
You will always be my best friends...
Here we are-on a new adventure
Danger lurks-somewhere in the darkness
We are set-for surprises-even battle!
We're a team-no one better mess with us!
If we stand as one,
There's nothing to fear,
We'll beat the darkness,
And we'll stay right here!
Time after time,
That's how it will be,
Just you and me.
Good friends-are those who stick together
When there's sun and in the heavy weather..
Smile after smile,
That's how it will be,
Just you and me...
Remember when we first met?
We had such fun, oh I never will forget...
Since then, the times are so good-
We've always stuck together like best friends should.

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