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Monday, 13-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
shisha @ shikin's place...

There’s a miracle of friendship
that dwells within the hearts
And you don’t know how it happens
or where it gets and where its started
But the happiness in friendship
they brings to you and always gives a special lift
And you realize that friendship
Is God’s most perfect gift.
A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil
but it needs a little much
of letters,phone calls and small, silly presents every so often
just to save it from drying out completely...
date : 11 June 2005
event : fiona's birthday
place: shikin's house,PJ

i was invited to fiona's birthday party (shikin's little sista). then i sms Alia to tag along wif me and shikin called her sidekicks: ratna and bee. all the kiddos (fiona's friends) were having a fun birthday party inside the house but the akak-akak duduk melepak kat belakang umah sambil memerhatikan abe Boy menggoreng ayam.

6 hours full of gossiping , recalled our 'private boarding school' stories including latest updates on our seniors and friends : how the impact of posting pictures in friendster can be a big joke, bee big bucks job and new car (repeated over and over..hahha..), my fren is the singer of newcoming band "indrani". i sempat gak gave lecture on how to buy the rite insecticides, my boring experienced wif cockroaches and mosquitoes (sorry girls...that's what i've been doing in the past few years). depa sempat gak kutuk aku nyer bahasa in penang for almost 6 years babe!!!

shikin's mom baru balik dr umrah last week. so her mom bought 4 bijik shisha untuk kak ikin 'berniaga'....berniaga belakang that evening shikin merasmikanlah apple and strawberry flavours... as always... aku melihat,menahan napas serta tergelak melihat aksi mereka. Ratna said it cost you 10 pound in UK tuk menikmati benda nih...mahalun tui..

i really had a great evening sampai 'melepaskan' konsert 2 AF3. Tah bila dapat jumpa kengkawan nih lagik. hey shikin.. i guess this really what we called 'sembang betui2' huh! zillions thanks to alia for the transportation...mujur ada hang...

for my dear shikin..make up ur mind either mass-com ur pro-com in LKW. kali ini pulun perabis ekk...
for my dear prayer always with u..hopefully dapat 'serap masuk' Petronas.
for my dear miz o-BEE-wan-keno-BEE..semoga big bucks bertambah BIG..tukaq handpon selaras ngan job hang...huhu (hey bee,i've posted ur pictures HERE in my fp!)
and darling ratna...enjoy ur 2 months holliday and happy finishing another year in college.

Maybe its true i am enjoying few close good friends rather than be the centre of everybody and at the end of the day i have nobody at all...

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