You miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take

By: bugbites and co

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Friday, 17-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
absolutely zerO!!! (edisi mengutuk org..)

For the first time in my life
a feeling of overpowering stinging melancholy seized me.
But I know what I have to do now and i keep breathing.
Because tomorrow the sun will rise
Who knows what the tide could bring?

Pissed-off. period.
Few days ago..someone really makes me sick and hell im totally annoyed of him/her. I guess nih semua petunjuk dari Tuhan nak membuktikan true colours of her/him.

Pencil sebatang ini adalah kesan kemarahan aku.

Sabaq. Sabaq. Sabaq (nada mcm lagu anggukangguk..gelenggeleng by ahli fiqir)

Itu ja aku leh buat skrg. I've known him/her for quite sometimes and masih tak mau berubah lagik perangai tak best dia. Im not an angel nor a saint but in any relationship tak kisahlah in family,love affairs,friendship all based on trust and RESPECT. kinda open-minded in certain thingy but respect agama kita..jgnlah buat sesuatu yg salah dr mata agama depan-depan mata aku and thinks it's OK to do it...please babe. hell thats ur life and go on do what u want... respect others...

aku bukan seorang yg sangat religious tp aku tahu dimana prinsip and diri aku berdiri. masih tak mampu nak menegur dia secara depan. Agama ajar kita menasihati org secara hikmah...and i guess aku dah mula buat begitu sejak awal perkenalan kami. masih Buta Kayu (ungkapan ni aku amik dr DR. HM Tuah masa aku tgk WHI smlm) agaknya!... buta kayu means samada dah tahu tapi buat-buat tak tahu or mmg blurr tahap dewa kelapan... dah tahu salah tapi masih nak buat gak.

dan selemah-lemah iman adalah menyatakan dengan hati..and aku mampu berdoa ja ajar dia berubah. Nak kata kurang bijak,sangatlah pandai. Nak kata tidak peka pada environment, she's/he's the best human being u wanna get close with.

Im not sure whether he's/she's a fan of my fp..but i knew dia tahu kewujudan fp aku nih. My family a BIG fan of my fp so aku takleh lepaskan 100% kemarahan aku. ..

You were a friend of mine
Have you ever heard of anything so absurd ever in your life.
I'm sorry for wasting your time.
Not that easy.
Hey what's that you say?
You're not blaming me for anything that's great
But I don't break that easy.
Does it fade away?
So that's why I'm apologizing now for telling you
I thought that we could make it
I just don't get enough to believe that we've both changed.
All along the fault is up for grabs why don't you have it
Well it's for sale go make your offer,
I'll sell it for no less than what I bought it for
Pay no more than absolutely zero.
Well neither one of us deserves the blame because opportunities moved us away
And it's not an easy thing to learn to play a game that's made for two that's you and me
The rules remain a mystery. See it can be easy.

Pay no more than absolutely zero.

Song by Jasan Mraz

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